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Cullen is an Abuse & Sexual Assault Victim

I can’t even believe that I or anyone else has to say this, that it’s even up for debate. I’m not just saying this because I’m a Cullen fan, I would do this for Anders or Fenris, or any other male abuse victim if it happened to them. But it doesn’t, at least if it does it doesn’t happen to the extent that it does with Cullen as far as I’ve seen, though I’m sure it does happen cause the fandom loves doing crap like this. The sole reason people even question or doubt that he was abused is because Cullen’s a Templar. That’s it. Enter Cassandra yelling “Bullshit!” & stabbing a table.

There aren’t enough words in the world to describe how gross, sick, warped, & messed up this crap is. That just because Cullen’s a Templar, complicit/part of system that oppresses, dehumanizes & abuses Mages on a daily basis, that somehow in turn removes & invalidates his abuse, that he deserves it. I don’t even know what to call this as cause it’s not even just ignorance or immaturity that because he’s a Templar, Templar’s aren’t people & deserve whatever comes to them.

Have you people even met or spoken to someone who was abused, let alone sexually assaulted? Do you have even an inkling of how horrible it is? What it does to a person? Have you not read a single story about abuse/sexual assault victims committing suicide because it was that bad? I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, not a single person. No one in the world, no matter what horrible things they do/have done, deserves to be abused or sexually assaulted. No one. It is wrong & there is no arguing about that, no amount of reason/justification/rationalizing you can come up with that makes abuse okay.

The world we live in loves to erase the fact that male abuse & sexual assault happens, a lot more than people like to think. There are people who think that well they’re men, they deserve it because of what they’ve done to women. They don’t. 

Stop erasing the fact that Cullen was abused, stop trying to excuse it or justify it. He was abused. He suffered & still suffers from how it messed him up. It doesn’t excuse what hate he says about Mages or how he continues to support an oppressive system, it doesn’t. The only difference between Cullen & Anders/Fenris is that they continue to be systematically abused & Cullen’s abuse is a result of an already abusive system. That’s it. But it is there, it needs to be recognized & acknowledged, not ignored or written off just because you decide to ignorantly paint all Templar’s as “mindless feeling-less empty voids of evilness” instead of what they are, people. Messed up, morally confused & abusive people, but people that are no less deserving of basic human decency even if they don’t give it to others. Two wrongs do not make a right.

I don’t care if you dislike Cullen or you’re Pro-Mage, whatever. Cullen doesn’t need defending & I’m not here to convince you to like him, I don’t care about any of that, that’s your business & opinion & your right. But I will defend the fact that he is an abuse victim & the fandom’s “debate” over that needs to end.

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